Balfour the Earthsoul Genasi Paladin of Torm


A six foot tall male with a light brown complexion and grey hair. He has a “scar” over his left eye that isn’t actually a scar. It is a fissure in his skin that seems to have crystalline shards and a faint glow coming from within. Due to his heritage his skin is oddly smooth like a polished rock, except where the fissures are across his body. His hair has a rough texture like sand paper. His eyes may appear normal to someone just glancing at him, but his irises resemble a polished onyx when inspected.


Born to the city of Beregost, Balfour was the son of a humble merchant. His mother raised him as if he were any other human child. He soon learned otherwise when a small group of bullies jumped him on his way home. During the fight his face was injured, causing his first fissure to appear across his eye. From that day forward he knew he was anything but human. He slowly learned how to use his natural abilities and one day with his mothers blessing he was off to join the Burning Dawn. During one of the battles between The Burning Dawn and The Gilded Eye, Balfour was wounded badly. His life seemed to be at its end before he was saved by a young cleric. She was kinder to him than anyone he had known since he left Beregost. He vowed to stay by her side always. Soon after the war was over he joined the cleric Nimue as a paladin of Torm. They have been together ever since.


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