Gandor Nutbuster

Gandor the Meatshield


Personality Traits: Crude Sense of Humor, Offers advice when it comes to battle thanks to his years working as an adventurer and as a caravan guard.
Ideals: He values independence greatly.
Bonds: Those that fight by his side are worth dying for.
Flaws: He’s a dwarf. Stubborn as one in battle and refuses to admit defeat, even if it’s a verbal battle. With his age, he is slowly learning to pick his battles.

Notable Equipment
Smith’s Tools
Uniform (Traveler’s Clothes Quality)
Sargent Insignia
Three-Dragon Ante set
Dungeoneer’s Pack
2 Potions of Healing (2d4+2)


Equipment Proficiencies
Smith’s Tools
Three-Dragon Ante
Land Vehicles

Shield Master

HP: 64
AC: 19
STR: 16
DEX: 13
CON: 18
INT: 12
WIS: 8
CHA: 10


If Dwarves had something similar to the Elven Wanderlust, Gandor would have it. Stocky let alone average height for a Shield Dwarf, he has a past that started when he just reached adulthood at the age of 50 and heard about Lord Morn’s rebellion to retake Daggerdale from the Zhents. His clan, Brightblade, refused to acknowledged him as help to their clan’s rival, the Morn family. During that time, he befriended three people that later ended up being his traveling companions. Over the next few short years before the spellplague, he was everywhere from the Dalelands to the northern part of the Sword Coast. When the spellplague hit, he was in his hometown of Anathar’s Dell in Daggerdale. Over the next century he was a mercenary working mostly as a caravan guard all throughout the Dalelands looking for his old traveling companions. During this time he befriended a Harper known as Artus Cimber. It wasn’t til now the road called for him again and he went out, looking for fortune and fame for his clan that will help them to take the ancient dwarven kingdom of Tethyamar.

During the time the road called for him, he found himself traveling with two ‘elemental mutts’ as he thinks of him but keeps himself for the most part. It wasn’t til his travels to Icewind Dale to inform Sheriff Markham of the death of his sister that he was approtched by a Harper to join them, like Artus Cimber did 60 years prior, he declined saying “Ah rather nawt git involved wit da politics of da world.”

Gandor Nutbuster

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