Nimue the Watersoul Genasi Priest of Torm


The smell of a dewy spring morning clings to the woman before you, and her ever-damp hair and slight form belay the ferocity that the pseudo-delicate priestess can summon in battle. Milky green skin and blue-green hair set her apart from the rest of the crowd in an instant, but her eyes the colour of a midnight sky that bear no real differentiation in colour between pupil, iris, and sclera give her an unnervingly alien feel, as well as the fin-like tapered ears that occasionally peek out from under her hair. A small smile tugs up the corners of her lips nigh on to constantly, and she responds in a cordial, occasionally helpful manner. This woman is perfectly at home in her armor, and it is rare to see her without her shield and warhammer on her person.


Born to uncertain parents, Nimue was left on the doorstep of a small temple dedicated to Torm several days outside of Icewind Dale. Raised by the clergy there, her childhood was largely spent sequestered from the outside world, finding few reasons to not trust those that would come to the temple requesting aid or shelter, and never finding a reason to not trust anyone professing faith in Torm. While others may have looked upon her strangely due to her exotic heritage, the clergy there never had, simply treating her as an individual, as they would have any other. Receiving training in both the arts of war and the rigors of faith and prayer, she assumed the mantle of the Warpriest of Torm at the start of her 17th turn of the seasons, leaving to attempt to better the world by easing strife in war-torn areas among the general populace and assist in turning the tide of battle for those armies with a just cause once the harsh winter snows gave way to the beginning of spring.

Making her way south, Nimue assisted where she could, and eventually stumbled across one of the more major battles between the Gilded Eye and the Burning Dawn, and across a critically wounded Earth Genasi that called himself Balfour. Healing him and assisting him in surviving the rest of the confrontation, Balfour vowed to follow and assist her in her endeavours, tempering her wide-eyed optimism and naivete with the tempered realism of someone who had experienced more of the world than herself. After some time, he joined her in the clergy, and they have been traveling and lending aid where they could ever since.


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