Storm King's Thunder

The Siege of Brynn Shander

After the party arrives at Brynn Shander, they locate Sheriff Markham and inform him of his sister's death. The party has little time to relax, as a group of 12 Frost Giants led by the giantess Drufi lay siege on the town looking for Artus Cimber. The town has 10 minutes to turn him over before the giants attack. The party figures out that Artus' blood in the form of his son Sirac is what brought the giants to Brynn Shander. After a plot to trick the giants goes awry, the giants attack. The party guards the southwest gate against Drufi, her two winter wolvesm and two body guards as they try to smash down the town gate. After a harrowing battle. The party is successful and the destruction on the town is halted. 

Loot from the Adventure:


  • 500gp 
  • Giant crown with 17 100 gp rubies
  • Adamantine Armor – Chainmail (AC 16, weight 55 lbs, disadvantage on stealth, all critical hits become normal against wearer)
  • Sentinel Shield (Emblazoned with the symbol of an eye, bearer gains adv on initiative and Perception(wis) checks)
  • Giant's Bag: blade of a hand axe, cask of ale, giant sized shabby cloak, stuffed animal (owlbear) 3' idol of Thrym (25 gp), small silver mirror, small gold locket (5gp), small gold bracelet (10gp).

Two giants;

  • Bag #1: small bag of salt, 5 white dragon scales, wooden sled, engraved bone dice (10gp), scrimshaw penguin (25gp)
  • Bag #2: Budled up tent, giant sized drinking horn, silver necklace with dragon pendant (25gp) small golden mirror (10gp), oar, gold locket (5 gp), black velvet mask with silver thread (10gp).
  • 79 cp, 28 sp, 40 gp.  

Each quest has a different reward. Please choose the order in which you want to take them.

Sirac's Quest: Escort Sirac to Waterdeep and find out info on his father. Contact Lord Zeluran Roaringhorn in Waterdeep for more info.

Duvessa Shane's quest: Duvessa gives the party a letter to her aunt Inirva Coldwater in Waterdeep. The letter asks her aunt to let the party use her ship The Dancing Wave and crew for any travel up and down the Sword coast. 

Markham Southwell's Quest: Seek a moon elf druid named Aerglas in the Shadowtop Cathedral who has fought giants and may have information on them as well as more info on the Tree Ghost tribe.

Augrek Brighthelm's Quest: She gives the party a letter of recommendation if they find themselves at the dwarven Citadel Felbarr. The King and Queen may have a use for the party.

Beladora's quest:  She invites the group to drink with her in honor of their victory.

Sir Baric Nylef – Check with his friend Sir Lanniver Strayl in Helm's Hold to let him know Sir Baric is okay and update him on the Weevil's location  



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